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Don't just take our word for it, here are what some of our patients have to say about Scott Crofut's Digital Hearing Aid Centers and our staff.

Hearing Aids Big Bear Hearing Aids Palm Desert
Testimonial 1


John played music his whole life which helped contribute to his hearing loss. We bought several hearing aids and spent thousands of dollars without much benefit. Scott came along and did a marvelous job. Scott Crofut is a god send he gave me my husband back!

                                                                                                   Julie Grandi

Hearing Aids Big Bear Hearing Aids Palm Desert
Testimonial 2


D. Scott Crofut has opened my world of hearing again! Not only has he helped me improve my hearing, I look forward to seeing him for regular maintenance which he is always happy to provide. He listens carefully and patiently resolves your problems. I recommend Scott Crofut very very highly! Along with his expertise in solving your hearing difficulty I think he's solved my husbands' "mumbling"!

Thanks Scott!

                                                                                                  Karla Diehl                           

Hearing Aids Big Bear Hearing Aids Palm Desert
Testimonial 3

Very Pleased-Smartest thing I ever did!

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years. My first pair was over the ear, I was so self conscious I would not wear them in front of anyone. My second pair was fit in the ear canal (at a cost of $5000.00) of which I wore for many years too long.  Instead of buying new ones I continued to have them repaired knowing I was not hearing, and knowing I should buy new ones. My hearing loss is severe it has not only affected my life but also my family and friends.

With my wives constant suggestions to looks for a hearing aid consultant we went about looking for someone that could give information on new technology and what would best work for me. I found the right person in Scott @ Digital Hearing systems.


Scott had several in canal hearing aids and found one he thought would work best for me. This product was not covered by our insurance-I  went home and reviewed the information and decided to go with the one that was not covered by insurance. The good news was this hearing aid ended up being the same price as it would have been using my insurance.


My life has changed, I can hear sounds I have missed for years. It did not take long to learn to adjust the volume in each ear to the environment I am in.  What a great product and Company.


Saying Thank you to Scott does not seem like enough for helping me change the quality of my life, I am truly grateful for his concern and help to make sure I received the product that would work best for me. These hearing aids have out performed my expectations. I would highly recommend Scott/Digital Hearing Systems to anyone who needs haring aids.


DW Ritchey

LaQuinta, CA


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